Proving good food knows no kitchen size!

My name is Lisa Favre, and I’m best known for raising a family of four in a 1000 square foot condo. 🏙️ While small home living isn’t for everyone, it’s a reality for TONS of us, and I’m here to show you that big flavours can EASILY thrive in small spaces!

Craving a quick and easy sweet fix? Try these One Bowl Chocolate Chip Cookies! With just one bowl and a handful of ingredients, you can whip up a batch of soft, chewy cookies that are bursting with chocolatey goodness.

As a seasoned content creator, over the years, I have grown passionate in sharing my journey of motherhood while creating a stylish and functional home. From curated interior design tips to my original recipes, my goal is to inspire you to build a life you love – despite square footage/size.

My Recipes

Cooking in a small kitchen shouldn’t restrict the joy and flavor that can be brought to the dining table; it should only spark creativity and innovation.

Every dish I prepare is a tribute to the culinary legacy left by my late mother, whose spirit continues to guide and inspire me in the kitchen every day. Her recipes and techniques, infused with love and memories, shape each meal and dessert I craft, ensuring that her presence is felt in every delightful bite shared with my family and now, with you. 

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Join me as I navigate the joys and challenges of living in a 1000 square foot condo with my two little ones. As a working mom who loves cooking, organizing, and cleaning, I share my daily adventures and tips on making the most of small space living.

What I love most about YouTube is that there’s a mix of long-form and short-form content, allowing you, my amazing audience to really dive into my world and get inspired to create a cozy and functional home for you and your family.

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