The Benefits of Organic Baby Clothes

What are the benefits of organic baby clothes? Today, we’re highlighting the importance of organic cotton and how it can make the world of a difference in your child’s wardrobe.

Before becoming a mom, I always told myself, “When I finally get around to raising a family, I’ll make sure that we only eat organic, that we watch Baby Einstein 30 minutes a day, and that we get at least 2 hours of outdoor play every day.”

Oh, me… so young and naïve, so full of hope.

Then, I entered motherhood.

Like most parents, my world turned upside down. I was in a state far from my dreamy visions of raising a “picture-perfect” family. Like other new moms, I made myself feel bad about it.

It’s Okay to NOT Be Perfect

After a year into parenthood, it hit me: our family’s happy and we’re all healthy. No, we’re not running in daisy fields, enjoying picturesque picnics in the park. However, we are enjoying our time together. I realized that as a mom, I am enough.

While I’m not the perfect parent (I mean, who is?!), I like to think that I put in conscious efforts to make good choices for my kiddo. No, we don’t galivant the farmer’s market on a weekly basis. Yes, we sometimes order pizza twice in one week.

But it’s all about balance.

When I make great discoveries for my little one, I feel the need to share it. This is why I am sharing my discovery of AidenAston with you.

Organic Clothes With Sensitive Skin

I grew up with eczema and today, I suffer from mild psoriasis. As a little girl, it was difficult to manage flare-ups (especially on my face). As I grew into my teen years, I took it upon myself to make lifestyle changes in order to reduce my skin issues.

Now, I strive to pass down these healthy habits to the rest of my family. This includes the use of natural skincare, maintaining a healthy diet, and the use of organic cotton whenever we can.

Discovering AidenAston

AidenAston is a Montreal-based company that provides their customers trendy, functional, high-quality clothing items. Our family loves that most of their collection uses organic cotton and natural dyes.

We can’t always avoid synthetic materials. I don’t limit my family by having them wear only one type of fabric – it just wouldn’t work for us (but if it does for you – fantastic!). However, now that we’ve discovered AidenAston, we tend to purchase a good bulk of our day-to-day wear from there.

It’s all about finding brands that you love and trust.

My personal favourites are their basic long-sleeve shirts and jogging pants. My toddler owns them in nearly every colour. They’re comfortable, durable, and don’t fade or lose their shape (even after many washes!). Often, we like to go with a monochrome look. However, mixing and matching is really cute too, especially because the pieces’ colors are so rich and beautiful.

Why Go Organic for Your Kids’ Clothes?

There are many benefits to wearing organic. Remember: do what works best for your family. We don’t sport it every day, but we try our best to fill our closets with as many pieces from our favourite organic brands, like AidenAston.

Here are a few benefits to organic clothing for kids and babies:

You Avoid Chemicals

Organic fabrics eliminates all the icky chemicals. The fabrics are grown/produced safely and processed without all the toxic dyes and harsh treatments. When you choose organic, you can be reassured that you’re putting extra safe materials on your little one’s delicate skin.


Because of its more natural processes, organic cotton/fabrics are a lot more eco-friendly. Organic cotton uses less water during its production as well as carbon/fuel and energy consumption.

Moreover, the elimination of fertilizers and pesticides during its production helps the environment immensely.

Comfort Factor

Cotton is best known for its comfortability. It’s the ultimate material, especially for baby-wear: it’s soft, breathable, and cozy. With organic cotton, your baby has an increased chance for better comfort since their skin is less likely to get irritated from it. Organic cotton eliminates all the added chemicals found in other non-organic clothing.

On top of the benefits of conventional cotton (softness, comfort), babies and kids can reap in the full benefits of going organic: no chemicals or additives coming into contact with their ultra-delicate skin.


Organic cotton is known to be more durable than its non-organic counterpart since it is less processed and untreated with harsh chemicals.

Have you ever purchased organic baby clothes? What are your thoughts on them?

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